Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin
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DM Not Required

Play through a branching story with multiple endings without need for a guy in a leather jacket (they get to play this time too).

Three-Dimensional Characters

Heroes each have their own personalities and agendas. Go against their wishes at your own peril; you may risk a hero’s death, departure or wrath.

Exciting Combat

Plan for your opponent’s every move, never knowing where they will strike next.


Read the abridged version of every block of text, keeping tabs on the story and getting back to what’s important: aggressive behavior towards imaginary people (combat).

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About the game

Stormsunder is a solo/cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. An unlikely alliance has brought a party of heroes and villains together to end the cataclysmic “Storm,” an endless maelstrom threatening to consume the world. Players will take on the role of one or more of these adventurers, fighting vampires, demons and other adversaries who would stand in the way of their quest. Players will be forced to make decisions great and small as they navigate the story, ultimately impacting not just the overall outcome of the game, but who lives to see its end.



And that’s without stretch goals!


Hours of gameplay

Or blow through the game by killing everyone you meet.


Different cards

There’s hero, adversary, adversary deck, loot, equipment, ability, signature skills, injury, initiative and consumables.


Possible endings

Okay, this one is clearly a lie, but there’s some legit unique endings to be had depending on your choices.

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